Wednesday, February 14, 2018


…This would all be different if I hadn’t learned to stop running, to stop fleeing without first trying to understand.

…For sure, one thing I have on my side is fear, and that’s not such a bad thing.

…”But,” you say.  “But,” is the worst contraction ever.  It negates everything said before it.

…I used to think I was doing God all wrong and therefore couldn’t believe in God because I hadn’t gotten the shtick down right.  It took me a while to realize God doesn’t give a shit about shtick, yours or anyone else’s.

…”I don’t know,” is often the only explanation we can give for the existence of God.

…I could take the abuse.  But I could not take the absence.

…It’s funny how you’d never be able to recognize yourself, that look on your face, when you’re about to hand it to them.  As if it’s not you with a temper and a muddy mission.

…Watching the ice skating couples on the Olympics reminds me of how otters hold hands while sleeping so they don’t stray apart.  Sometimes the skaters are literally joined at the hip.  It’s poetic and breathtaking to watch.  Dancing on the ice...

…Sometimes when blind people get unblind, it makes their friends unhappy.

…Seven billion people are right now all trembling just to feel happy, to feel needed and loved.

…But maybe we’re all looking at it wrong.  Perhaps the jagged snowflake shingles falling outside are enough.  Maybe it’s as simple as that.

…True story--two thirds of all people in the world have never seen snow.  

...It’s presently snowing outside my window.  One inch.  Close to two, now.  Even in the darkness of night, it’s one of the prettiest things I’ve ever seen.

…Really good friends are hard to come by.  I mean, really hard to come by.  Best not let them go.  Ever.

…Seahorses are pretty darn cute.  Right?  Not only that, they’re the only fish that swims upright.

…I’ve had metaphorical knives plunged into me many times.  Who hasn’t?  It happens all the time, yet it still hurts.

…Tell me, is there anything I can do to make you believe that the fears you hold about me are silly, irrational and unfounded?

…It’s important I know this.

…Few things are more selfless than when a person (or persons) makes a conspiracy of grace happen.

…A lot of people are anti Valentine’s Day supporters, same as, (but in a different way) that others are anti Mother’s or Father’s Day supporters.  I get their reasoning, but I don’t agree with it.  Sometimes a line drawn in the sand—a demarcation, denoting a specific time to reflect upon a specific emotion—seems like a good idea, if not even necessary.  But that’s just my opinion.

…I’m full of opinions.  Just ask anyone who knows me well.  I’m full of a lot of things...

…We all have too many miracles happening inside us to simply be a convenient option.

…It seems to me that our lack of knowing is the beginning of our humility.  It seems to me that not-knowing is the root of faith and therefore the necessary glue that keeps people together, alive, and robust.

…Time and silence have this thing they do together.  They make a chasm that has no bottom to it.  And there you are, standing right on the edge of it.  Aware that at any moment you may be falling and falling and falling, with no hope of recovery.

…The good thing about waking up at 4am is you can polish off a couple of really good books before most people are awake.

…Today’s another one of those days.  That day.  Yep.  Eee.  Oh, boy.  Yep.

…Mr. Kuntz?  Mr.  Kuntz, hello?  Why are you not sleeping?

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