Monday, August 30, 2010

...I have a new story, "Bananagrams" up at Metazen and here under "Words in Print." Frank Hinton runs Metazen and he does a great job with the writing he selects as well as the care he extends in presenting it.

...So, last night's concert at Marymoor Park... Well, quite honestly, Vampire Weekend sucked. Big time. What kind of band makes 4,000 people wait an hour and a half, gets their gear set up, and then sends some chucklehead on stage to tell you the concert has been cancelled "due to band sickness?" Hard not to be ticked off. And I can understand if someone is actually ill, but did they really just start spewing minutes before they were to go on? Was it like some out-of-the-blue menopausal heat flash-type thing that blind-sided them? I don't buy it. I suspect it was some pre-performance narcotic binging that took them out at the knees. The crowd was in such a frenzy, it's a wonder there wasn't a riot, looting, and a burning of the Vampire Weekend flag. The key now will be seeing how they rectify things.

...Mondays always remind me of that song, "Tell Me Why I Don't Like Mondays" by the Boomtown Rats, which is happy-sounding but actually relays the story of a kid who goes to school and decimates his class, sort of Columbine-style. I know that's weird and random, but it was an old college fave of friends and mine. However, it's a sunny start to the week here in Seattle, so, there's no reason for any mayhem.

...I like this, from Annie Dillard:
"It is no less difficult to write sentences for a recipe than it is to write them for 'Moby Dick.' So, you might as well write 'Moby Dick'."

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