Thursday, August 26, 2010

...I have a new story, "Go Ahead and Dance" up at Troubadour 21 and here under "Words in Print."

...Today I only spent two hours with various tech support people. I still have to deal with Microsoft again, probably tomorrow, to recover things that were lost.

..."Things That Were Lost" would be a great title for something.

...Awhile back I read an article about how editors become jaded in a very short time and the person who wrote the piece (I can't recall the author) likened that condition to "Lesbian bed death." I like it as "Lesbian Death Bed" which would be a fantastic band name. (Poor lesbians.) Here's the wiki version:

Lesbian bed death
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Lesbian bed death is a term coined by University of Washington sociologist Pepper Schwartz in her 1983 book American Couples.[1] According to Schwartz, lesbians have less sex than any other type of couple, and they generally experience less sexual intimacy the longer the relationship lasts.
The methodology of Schwartz's survey format has been criticized by several researchers, who claim that the question "About how often during the last year have you and your partner had sex relations?" [1] is too ambiguous when applied to the sexual behavior of lesbian couples. This ambiguity could account for the finding of a statistically low frequency of sexual behavior among lesbian couples if "sex relations" is interpreted too narrowly.[2]
A German study has shown that the female sex drive greatly diminishes once she is in a secure relationship.[3] From an evolutionary psychological point of view, lesbian couples are expected to seek sex less frequently than heterosexual or gay couples.[4]

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