Thursday, August 19, 2010

...I have two new stories, "The Fortune Teller" at Rubber Lemon and "Old Soul" at Troubadour 21 posted here under "Words in Print."

...I love Scott Spencer. He wrote, "Endless Love," which was made into a very bad movie where a very pretty Brooke Shields faked orgasms and generally denegrated the craft of acting. The book, however, is brilliant, a tale about obsessive love like no other. The opening paragraph has been called one of the best to ever be written. I've read all of Scott's novels. I thought I'd share a few excerpts from his novel, "Willing."

--"Where would we be without these things: without contact, without caresses, without the knowledge that someone wants to touch you?"
--"Everything has layers; every little string has a hundred knots."
--"It’s important to remember that everything matters and it all makes a difference. Our lives are so short, and everything that happens in our life span is really important; there is nothing wasted, there’s nothing that doesn’t count. You can’t say I’m going to do this, but it doesn’t really count. It all counts, and everything is connected to everything else."
– Scott Spencer

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