Sunday, August 1, 2010

...I have three new stories (different from the post I did last time) up here under "Words in Print:"
--"At the Water's Edge" @ Rose and Thorn Journal
--"Black Diamonds" @ The Northville Review
--"Baby God" @ Idigo Rising
The latter is a fable. I like writing those, but they're a tough sell.

...I may have had the shortest editing stint ever. A couple of months ago CL Bledsoe asked me to co-edit Ghoti with him. I had always loved Ghoti, so I signed on, but Ghoti is now gone. (That would make a good story title.) Thanks, CL for all you did. It's tough to make a magazine work when you have a job and enjoy writing yourself. To all you editors out there, I bow down.

...I think I have been whining too much about editing my novel, so I'll close with some comments on revision from the PNWA Conference.

..."Revision is like child birth--you forget how horrible it is until you have to do it again." -- Joy Selak

..."Editing scenes is like redecorating rooms. Maybe you want it to be a calmer roon, a brighter room, so you move furniture and chairs and take away the drapes and it's still a house with the same rooms only some physical elements have been changed or eliminated." -- Kit Bakke

..."When I start editing, or right before, I say a prayer. I say, 'Please let me honor this work. Please let me get out of the way and serve this writing." -- Barbara Braun

"Get over your creative self, writing is hard work." -- Bob Mayer

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