Sunday, August 15, 2010

...I just got "Naughty, Naughty" by Meg Pokrass and Jack Swenson. You should get it, too. Lots of fun, quirky, naughty flash

...I have a new story, "The Fortuneteller" up at Rubber Lemon, a UK web zine. I can't get the seperate link for it to post under "Words In Print" as I usually do, but you can find it at if you're so inclined.

...The word "genie" has a lot of possibilities. Same with tattoos--why that one? is there a secondary meaning to it? Anyway, I just wrote this a moment ago (I think I like it.)


While you sleep
I read your arms,
flames and barbed ink
stitched into your skin
as if you are a totem pole
grocery list
or story without nouns.

Like the tenant in 14 B
who made the news because he spoke Farsi
and learned to fly in Florida,
people are on alert around you.
Yesterday the ballroom went still upon your approach,
music stopped and a sparrow dropped dead from the sky.
But I am still waiting on you,
a little be desperate and dangerous,
using both hands and all three wishes,
madly in love.

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