Monday, November 13, 2017


…I am ridiculously grateful, but I’m not a fan of turbulence or aisle seats.  One jostles you till you feel like puking, the other pokes and thumps you with a cart, a bag, or a very large derrière.

…Our moods don’t usually believe each other, and that can make a person crazy.

…When you’re stumped in conversation, try saying something you’re thinking.  That’s something I never do.

…Whether it hurts or not is often irrelevant.

…The way some people talk about their mother makes you glad not to have one.

…Worrying is the correct worldview.  Life is worrisome.

…Beauty is mostly a matter of attention.  The lake is beautiful because you are looking at it.  The fallen, dying leaves are beautiful because you notice their color and striations.

…When my dad died he left the house and yard in disrepair.  In fact, there were 27 vehicles hunkered down in the mud, most long, rusted-out sedans that resembled slumbering dinosaurs buried under layers of pine needles.  To go along with them, there was an old limousine, an equally ancient hearse, a camper, a broke-down semi, three snow mobiles, and three tractors.

I never asked him what he was doing holding onto all of it.  I guess there were a lot of things I didn’t ask him that I should have.

…All my scars are open when I’m sleeping.

…The good news is I feel like writing again.  Now I just have to do it.

…There is a chance I might become flippant about things you consider fragile and precious, and for that I am sorry in advance.

…Something tells me, it’s about to get loud.

…Last night or very, very early this morning, the sky looked cut up, lacerated.  Clouds like tree branches steadfastly waving.  A few mountain ridges elbowing their way into the picture.  In the patch where the moon hid, it had turned indigo.  In another corner, the yellow face of a ghost stared back it me, blinking with a nervous tic in his right eye.  You weren’t there to see it, but as I said, it was very, very early.

…When you get the chance to sing it out or dance, I hope you dance.

…When we only live by words, one vague, misunderstood note can rightfully cause a tragedy.  Words--the silence that lives in them--can be a slippery slope.

…Sometimes you just throw something out there and see if it gets noticed.  Isn’t that a lot like life?  What comes after the answers is a whole lot of questions.  And then, we begin again.

…“Blue is the one friend I can always count on.  It loves me when I am lonely and thinks of me first.”—Lucinda Williams said that, but there are days I can relate.

…Don’t you think the world would be better off if everyone had a book in their hands, reading intently?

…Maybe it’s the things that are nonnegotiable that we should pay special attention to.

…I often get sent halfway across the world in a cardboard box with the incorrect postage on it, but then some kind soul always sends me right back.

…A lot happens here, if only in my mind.

…All this time I have been trying to speak your language.

…No one says “Goodbye” or “See ya,” unless they really want to see you again.

…I want you to know, if you ever read this, that there was a time when I would have rather had you by my side than anyone else in the whole world.

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