Monday, September 1, 2014


…Happy Labor Day.  Is that the correct salutation?  Not sure.

…On Wednesday, very early Wednesday, I board a plane for five days in Vegas for a long boy’s weekend.  Should be fun with many lost brain cells.  Last time I went, two years ago, I was sure one of our party had died and I even called hotel security to check on him because he failed to answer two hours of my repeated cell phone calls, room calls, texts, door pounding.  When they opened the door he was standing there in nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist with toothpaste drooling down his cheek as he brushed.
I could have killed him myself.

…So this might be the last post till next week.  Don’t think I’ll take my laptop with me.  We’ll see.

…These are some poems I wrote the other day…

Love Has A Face

You are worried
about how much you worry.
After all, bad things happen to good people.
Yesterday a dog went missing,
a kid got snatched,
someone’s city was invaded.
And those are just worries on a macro scale.

Here at home there’s a sense of floating untethered--
the kind of boundlessness that induces panic in someone who is otherwise motivated,
organized and inspired--
free falling through time and space,
breaking past cobwebs
which are the only obstructions,
never touching down
or touching the things you’d most like,
just one long drop
into the silky black.

Here at home there’s also the fear of being unlovable
or incompatible,
truly great worries,
worrisome because love is so many necessary things:
a kind of  malleable eternity
and series of endless snuggling.

So why don’t you wait a second for once. 
Open your eyes and turn the nightlight on.
How’d I get here?
In your room?
Don’t worry about that.  I would never hurt you.
Just lay there.  Try to be calm.
Go ahead.
You’ve got it.
Now let me tell you a story. 
It begins like this:
   Once upon a time
   there was a woman
   who was the face of love itself
   but did not know it.


I found an eyelash on my hand but it wasn’t mine
Too short
Not thick enough
I closed my eyes and made a wish
And blew
That’s when you appeared
Okay, only a memory of you,
But I was lucky just the same


Hey it’s almost midnight
Come on in
The water’s not that cold
Even the crickets want you to
Can’t you hear them
I want you in this lake so badly
I’m not even using proper punctuation
So you’re smiling now huh
Does that mean you’re coming in
Who needs a swimsuit
What am I wearing
Oh come on you’re not that shy
Besides it’s so dark out I can’t even see your freckles
But maybe if you got closer
I’d be able to see them under this stripe of moonlight
That would be something else
Otherworldly actually
Yes I really do dig your freckles that much
I’m glad that makes you happy but
Let’s go already
Snap snap
Andale andale
That’s Spanish
There you go
Do it
Nice splash
Excellent splash
You’re practically a mermaid
I bet you grow a tail within five minutes
I don’t know why I’m talking so much
Swim over here
Thatta girl
Way to go
You’ve almost got it
What do you mean got what
Me that’s what you’ve almost got
I’m not trying to be funny
I’m serious
My arms are wide open
You can’t imagine how much
They miss you

Heaven Is A Highway

You’re riding on the back of my motorcycle
The wind is our best friend
But every once in a while she tosses a curve ball
And we get thrown out of lane
It’s okay
These are deep country roads
Haven’t seen a car for hours
Saw two pronghorn antelopes
That’s a couple of reasons right there for believing in God
All right, let’s not get all serious
I’m higher than John Denver ever was
But I know now what he meant
There’s the sun on our cheeks
That wind again destroying your hair
A flock of starlings just shot out of a tree
Forming the first letter of your name
I don’t think we’re in a movie
Neither of us is rich enough to be famous
But hell
Don’t close your eyes for a second
This could very well be heaven

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