Wednesday, September 17, 2014


…Hey Wednesday, you’re looking kind of sexy.

So I have this up at Eunoia Review today:

…Sex and money and other stuff

-57% of people ages 24 to 30 had no sex in the past year.

-In 1988, about half of boys 15 to 17 were having sex.  By 2010, that rate had been cut nearly in half.

-The average man has seven arguments a year about when to have sex

-77 million Americans own an average of $5,200 in past due, collectible debt.

-A middle-income family with a child born in 2013 can expect to spend about $245,340 for food, shelter and other expenses up to age 18, an increase of 1.8% from 2012

-Oklahoma basketball player Kevin Durant recently was offered a ten-year $250 deal with sporting apparel company Under Armour.  Apparently Nike just matched that offer.

-4 out of 5 men have traded blows defending a woman’s honor
--55% of men have had a fight with their wife or girlfriend behind the wheel.

--8% of men claim to have been sucker punched at some point in their life

--You have a 64% increased chance of developing heart disease if you hold a grudge.

--Apple reportedly spent more than $100 million dollars in making and distributing U 2’s new album free to its 500 iTune users.

…Alex Trebek set the Guinness World Record for most game show episodes hosted by the same presenter at 6,829
It’s his 31st season and he’s asked more than 416,000 questions

…Jack Ma, founder of the Amazon-like Chinese e-commerce site Alibaba Group will be worth $15 billion after the company’s IPO later this month.

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