Monday, April 7, 2014


…Unlike a lot of people, I’ve never been a huge Beatle’s fan.
Yet this year marks the 50th anniversary of their scoring the top 5 singles on Billboard, along with Billboard’s #1 and 2 albums on the same week. 
That’s impressive by any measure.
At one point, they had 14 singles on the Billboard’s top 100… Even more impressive, if you ask me.

…I learned this week that 16,000 people in the USA die from heroin overdoses.  That’s now the leading cause of injury death in the United States, surpassing motor vehicle crashes.

…I also learned that more people die from coconuts falling on their head than from shark attacks….

…Yeah, so here are some interesting comments from Facebook friends last week.
-It's nice out. Anybody wanna follow the train tracks with me to see a dead kid?
-Being a hybrid author like myself, an author who has published with presses AND self-published, is like being bi-sexual. It is very hip.
-According to Tumblr, I own a nifty catheter company in Florida.
-I swear one day I'll sign into Facebook and discover that I'm dead.
-everyone on facebook is talking about making out but I am not making out with anyone
-ok now everyone is talking about being gay on fb but ive been gay all day so im good you guys
-Bookseller:...and here you are. All of Shirley Jackson's books.
Customer: This doesn't look right. She wrote all these books?
Bookseller: Uh, yes. You've heard of the Lottery?
Customer: (pause) Oh! I'm sorry. I was thinking of Shirley Temple. Do you have any books by her?
-Would it be bad to stab myself in the abdomen?

 -I just saw a Vespa gang ride by and it has inspired me to NEVER EVER START A VESPA GANG, OH MY GOD, HOW FUCKING PATHETIC.

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