Monday, April 14, 2014


…How was your weekend?
Where I live, we had stellar weather.  You reside in a place where it can rain for four months straight and then the sun appears, well it’s kind of spiritual.  You certainly appreciate sunny days a lot more than say, a Floridian or Californian.
…I’m reading many books at once, which I used to never do.
Here are some, and they’re all good so far:
-“Everything Neon,” Bud Smith
-“Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk Home, “Ben Fountain
-“The Submission,” Amy Waldman
-“Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned,” Wells Tower
-“The Zero,” Jess Walter
-“Going After Giaciatto,” Tim O’Brien
-and also, “Where’d You Go, Bernadette?” which is not so good.
 …Whenever someone (usually someone famous) says they have no regrets, would never change anything that happened in their life, I call bullshit.  Who wouldn’t want certain moments, choices, events altered?
…I love babies and kids.  I wish there were more of them in the world.
…I want to learn to be more grateful: grateful for everything that exists that is good, grateful for my life.
…Deer are incredibly graceful creatures.  I don’t know how anyone could shoot one.  It’s be like killing a child.
…The “Shameless” season finale was pretty good, but not as terrific as the episode it followed.
…”The Walking Dead” is very addictive.  What a great cast of characters (and I’m not talking about the zombies).
…Today should be a good day, don’t you think?
…Here is the notable commentary from last week’s Facebook posts:
-The very elderly man in front of me in line at Rite Aid purchased the following:
- 80 condoms
- 2 enormous bottles of multivitamins
- toilet bowl cleaner
- nasal strips
-It's a beautiful day today, despite the fact that a seagull just shit on me. I'm hanging out in a gasoline storage tank field. They look like birthday cakes under vast blue sky. Mucho sunshine. The weekend right here. Even the gasoline smells nice. I have forgiven the seagull.
-Totally officially divorced. Fuck yeah.
-Your sex life is a not yet written Sci-Fi novel.
-There are a lot of great things about getting older, by the way. One of them is you can take your clothes off in the kitchen.
-I have now witnessed the ultimate in internet irony. Someone called someone else a mooreon.
  -Ah Monday, you capricious little prankster. A 5 hour power outage and right on into 38 degrees with a bone chilling driving rain! Such a lively imagination!

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