Wednesday, April 23, 2014


…It’s mid-week and I’m just four day away from being in New York City.  Can’t think of many things I’d look forward to more…

…Ah, those witty people on Facebook…
-Women! Leave your husbands! Kill your children! Practice witchcraft!
-writing a short story about a goddamn egg.
-Always keep your chin up.  Otherwise you are just looking down at your boobs all day.
-I want a bunny. Can it really be potty trained? Does it eat a lot? get sick a lot? Is it a good pet? Are a lot of people allergic to it?
-Overheard the most fascinating conversation between two much aged (long white hair and toothless) surfer dudes at a San Diego Starbucks, this morning. They hadn't seen each other in more than a decade, when they knew each other from the strip club they hung out at. Their catch-up talk included updates on their various acquaintances: One guy is dead--"meth"; the other was divorced after he was caught growing mushrooms in the mountains; and Smiley shot himself in the head--"Smiley had anger issues." Sad news for Smiley and the lot.
-Watching 3 rabbits running circles in my tiny dirt backyard. A male mounts the female, she bucks him off, he does a perfect backflip and dismount, and off they go again, running.

- I know 16 people who like Nickelback? SIXTEEN!?!?!

I didn't think there were 16 people on Earth who liked Nickelback.

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