Tuesday, March 19, 2013


…I've been doing a lot of reading lately:
"Coronado" by Dennis Lehane
"The Reluctant Fundamentalist" by Moshin Hamid
"Men In Groups" by Aaron Smith
"Shampoo Horns" by Aaron Teal
and "Ordinary People" by Judith Guest, my second time reading it in as many years.

…Last night I also finished "Moods" by Rachel Glaser.  It’s a slight book of prose poetry, or proseity.  Whatever it is, it’s also wonderful, imaginative, clever, ironic, confessional, and very fresh sounding.
I loved almost every little ditty.
To give you a good long sip, here are some samples:

from “Buying Money”

…I knew about money
That it piled exact and thin
It bundled in families and waited in suitcases
It could turn at any moment into a speed boat
Or a fat turkey
A dripping diamond
It wasn’t trash, though it smelled so old

from “Thanksgiving didn’t happen”

All I know is one thing:
Hairs really love to grow out of a mole
…people marry easy and it’s like playing Blackjack scared

from “Feminine in water”

She is lucky
She realizes
Many women only feel feminine in the water
Near dolphins
Or when a saxophone sweats and strains…

What is feminine?
A towel baked in the sun
A monument with carved hair
A wild animal’s cursive handwriting…

from “God is Popular”

The ocean is okay
But boats crowd I with their wakes
God can’t help but look at every bubble
It puts a strain on his eyes to watch small things
And fast thing
Cities, streets, fingernails
Dots on a die…
He cannot rub it
He is invisible
No one can help him.

And what about the music we made in cars
When no one was sitting shotgun
No one carrying the radio like a football…

from “Grand Variety”

My date has a CVS brand orgasm
And I buy a Nike one on my smartphone
I’m not an athlete but I like how it feels

My parents have a lot of Price Club orgasms
But I will never be like them…

But still, once in a while
I have a knock off Versace orgasm quietly in the trees….

How haggard I feel having a Land’s End orgasm
Though my breasts don’t know the difference.

from “Every time my pills fall, I feel very much like an addict”

I always thought if I shaved my head I would suddenly
Become adventurous
And have more friends
I’d be able to sculpt or at least be musical

I wouldn’t be afraid
I would look younger and more troubled
I’d crash at someone’s house or the would crash here
My hair would inch out and I’d have a choice

from “I’m dead”

The body inevitably misbehaves
But that’s how we bought it…

from “Your soul, barely”

You were sharp
No one could hug you without bleeding.
Your friends were with angels
And the angels got injured…

…And she has great titles, in addition to the ones mentioned above:
“Heroes are so long”
“Two girls can talk about boys and make it sound like a conversation”
“Best nose”
“I took a secret trip to have an affair”
“Sing radiohead like something has gone wrong”
“Incest is lazy”
“Me and you wait for Our Husband though he’s only so-so”
“I’m talking about Trent Reznor, saying he’s a Shakespearean tragic hero”
“The whale changes his mind”
“People in pain”

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