Friday, March 15, 2013


…How are you doing?  No, really, I wanna know.  Tell me.

…Facebook has been replete with ruminations about AWP, but here are some other Facebook posts that are amusing or interesting, or both…

…Carly-“We have a new poop!”
Mike-“You mean, Pope.”
Carly-“Have you looked in the toilet?”

….I'd punch someone in the face for a pair of doc martens

…Thelonious Monk and bourbon. It is about all I can concentrate on.

..Not attractive to find out you snore by waking yourself up with your own snores on an airplane surrounded by the entire Lacrosse team from University of New Hampshire.

…I am not going to be hard on myself
I am not going to be hard on myself
I am not going to be hard on myself
(not working)

…I hate this town.

…Sometimes I just have to admit it: I want so much!

 …Just read The Grapes of Wrath for the first time. The moral of the story: Life really sucks, and then it sucks more, and then it sucks more, and then it sucks even more.

…In other news, this morning the dog licked the cat's butt, and nobody seemed to mind, so I think we're all settled in here.

…It's official: As of today my ex-husband is a convicted felon.

As a short, Jewish woman it is an honor to be chosen as Pope.

…Babies would be cuter if they were puppies.

..I have found the inside of my soul. It is not very friendly.

..The way I ask friends to meet me at the library is 'Hey do you wanna go pretend to be bears?'

..On the bus I sat in front of two college students sharing all the ways they cheat in their courses. I'm off to cry in a corner.

..No coffee was harmed in the making of this penguin.

…I am in a giving people a piece of my mind mood.  You want a piece, too?  Step right up.

…Our dishwasher died the weekend before last.  New one came today.  Am I weird if I hug it?

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