Wednesday, March 6, 2013


…I'm headed to Boston and I'm a bit nervous.  11,000 writers and me.  Yikes.  Wish me luck.

…Oh, Facebook people, you're so funny and clever.  Here are some of the amusing things you said this last week:

-Dear asshole in front of me,
It's a crowded train, so nobody gets their own little island. You don't get to recline into my lap, and damn straight I will knee you if you do it again. We don't have to like each other, but let's have an amicable trip, shall we?
The girl behind you

-Today I found some eggs.

-You got to love a bra that makes your boobs look half their age.

-Baby, if you were a chicken, you'd be impeccable.

-We are living in the future and I am TERRIFIED.
 ·        -Okay. I'm putting away the goddamn tears and ignoring the bottle of vodka that is winking at me from the dresser. I'm going to write a story entitled Sadists and it will not be terribly sexy or endearing.

-I zombies.

-What the fuck happened to tug-of-war?

-I'm feeling pretty goddamn good, Facebook, even though I was cock blocked by Koko Loko tonight. The part about Koko Loko made my boyfriend laugh his ass off. But when I turned off the computer and the light he asked what I was doing. I told him I assumed he wanted to suck my nipples. "No thanks."

-I think as long as I am positive and supportive of others and because I don’t catfish people, that I am ok.

-Can't. Stop. Talking. In. Jewish. Mom. Voice. Need. Help.

-Shortly, my friends, this grim month will finally reach its end. Hallelujah.
"Here the faeries i caught in my back may take them, but let them play in the garden sometimes"
-" I have a dream that i will meet Tori Amos in a graveyard in Germany doing Wicca...then she will take me and we will kiss upon a piano with dead rats and bloodroses fallin...

-My nipples are nicer than yours.

 -I love the way ya poke me.


  1. Have fun at AWP! And good luck with the readings.

  2. thanks, Andrew. AWP was a blast. wish you would have been there, but next year it's here, so all is good.