Tuesday, May 15, 2018

--I’M RIGHT HERE (a little early, a little late)

…And then the wondering sets in.

…There are times when I look around and everything looks perfect, even if I don’t feel that way, as if I’m the odd man out, but anyway, I usually make it to tomorrow.  Usually.  Sometimes.

…And what do I think?  Apparently, it no longer matters.

…Here’s some good advice from a stranger: Make noise for the love of noise and questioning.

…I have heard that this pain can be converted over time, but the reality is I don’t have much of that left.  The reality is I don’t believe it for one minute.

…Some ideas or thoughts are complicated, hard to articulate, but most people want their answers and solutions in a jiff, which furthers the unraveling.  A little patience, a bit of hesitation and a question asked back can usually solve a lot of misunderstanding.

…Despite what the philosophers and poets and theologians have said, I think beauty neither obscures the truth, nor reveals it.

…We all try, but how do we know if we’ve tried enough, if there shouldn’t be a little more trying when something’s that important?

…Eventually we grow up to love subtle things with more subtly.

…It’s easy to place your blues on a shelf, yet they’re still there, looking back at you wide-eyed.

…The bigger question is: What did you reveal because you needed to even if you were very afraid?

…Adore is a pretty great word if you really mean it.

…Potent is a good word to describe how dark it gets at times.  And still I work around it, or at least I try to.

…Yesterday I told my therapist I don’t know how to be happy when I’m alone.  I think he thought I was joking.  He didn’t laugh, but his face went kind of cockeyed.

…Stuff is stuff.  You’ve got to have some of it to get by, but any more than that is just vanity taking control, whether you realize it or not. 

…I don’t want to be impartial.  The world is full of people being impartial.

…People always say, “Just speak from your heart.”  Like they know what’s in my heart, or yours, or anyone else’s.

…However, when someone asks, “Does that mean anything to you?” I do think you should pay attention and answer with your heart.

…Here’s what I’ll do to get through this:  I won’t look down.  I won’t look at all.  I’ll tell myself you just didn’t understand and maybe you never really wanted to, even if you think you did.

…A hole can have many bottoms, as many as you want to give it.  There can be so many, and that in turn makes the hole bottomless.

…Lately I have been trying to learn something about the fundamental importance of you, because the thing is, there’s only one of you.

…We all have a shelf life.  We probably go past that shelf life, most of us, without ever knowing it.

…Total transparency?  Is that a concept or a joke?

…The biggest mistake I keep repeating is doubting myself.

…Let’s not kid ourselves, everyone is just trying to fit in.

…I could make a lot of wishes, but I’ll just make this one:  Much love.

…This is never going to end, so it’s best to look away.  After all, I’m the accident on the side of the road people have to slow down for even when they’re already very late for work.

…Impulsive is a relative term, so let’s think it through first, right?

…One day you suddenly care in a different way and it changes everything.

…I’m just a boy working on empty.  Sorry for that.

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