Wednesday, August 23, 2017



 …I have come to believe that life is a gift and love is the point.

…We all have things we’re dreaming of, it’s just that some people are actually doing something about it.

…I am functioning in a thin space, so it’s good I’m not claustrophobic.

…Everyone has an ache that might be trying to tell them something. 
I'm pretty sure I know what mine is trying to tell me.  I'm pretty sure that I'm pretty sure about this.

…God knows that love can be hard to find, but we can’t give up.

…It’s probably a good idea to rejoice every now and then.

…Sometimes the best thing we can do is to just show up, to be there without expecting anything.

…Sometimes it’s hard for me to accept good news, to accept it without feeling guilty.

…Something I’m actually proud of is being done with abundance.

…Being defined by what you lack shouldn’t be allowed.

…One of life’s most challenging things is to be present and alive in the moment.

…My least favorite road is a one way street.

…Another thing I’ve learned is that it’s impossible to be sad while being around a cooing baby.

…I’ll admit I didn’t know Jerry Lewis was still alive until yesterday.  I’m sorry he passed away.  When I was a kid, my mom would stay up all night watching his telethons.  I never understood what my mom liked and didn’t like, and why or why not.

…In Cinema class I learned that France considers Jerry Lewis one of the greatest actors of all time.  That’s another think I couldn’t quite understand.

…I am a big fan of anyone who tries their hand at writing poetry, even if their poems suck.

...My car had issues the other day.  It would only go 40 mph on the freeway and I didn’t know where my safety flashers were.  People behind me were not happy.  I didn’t blame them.  I’m going to try to be more tolerant of slow drivers from now on.  You never know.

…The first song playing in my loaner car was “Love Hurts.”  “Jeremy” was the second.  Hmmm.

…I saw a bumper sticker that said DRIVER CARRIES NO CASH.  HE’S MARRIED and another that said IF YOU’RE GOING TO RIDE MY ASS, AT LEAST PULL MY HAIR.  That made me smile.

…Nobody gets to own the sunset, yet it’s quite beautiful.  The point is it’s there and we can enjoy it if we choose to.

…One thing I’ve learned is never say never.

…I’ve seen a lot of long shadows this week.

…I’m not a Fix-it guy, but I’ll stand with you.

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