Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Making Beauty

Let’s make each other beautiful
The moon wants to be our chaperone
And the wind will serenade us
With her sweet songs
Come press your skin on mine
Do it anywhere please
Let’s kiss like we’re auditioning
For a marriage license
Tell each other why there’s a reason
The stars shine for us
Let’s start again
Everything on repeat or
New this time around
Let’s watch our souls coalesce as
We make each other beautiful
And immortal

Teenagers Kissing

I want to be kissed like that
Washed in moon glow
Under starlit jewelry
Head tilted to head
Lips pliant and resolved
To work as long as it takes
To convey that such a precious feeling
Is neither fleeting or fantasy
But rather the very thing that makes
Life worth living

I want to be kissed like that
By you
First mornings
Last nights
Over the phone
Under the table
Under a bridge
Under the underpass
Baby don’t see how badly
I wanted to be kissed by you


Firefly Hunting

And now we are nine or ten
And you are my first crush
Your little girl eyes big and brown as root beer
Your limbs still gangly but shorter of course
We’re out on someone’s lawn after dusk
Hunting fireflies with Mason jars
And butterfly nets
The air smells like lilacs and willow trees
It feels like a kitten brushing fur across our faces
Fluffy soft and nearly ticklish
You are so beautiful it hurts to look your way
For more than a second or two
“There’s one!” you say, your mouth dancing with glee
And it’s true
A squiggle of light flips across your head just out of reach
When I jump up and catch it
I feel brave for once
Almost grown up and responsible
A boy/man with bills to pay
In my palm the firefly glows like a premonition
Or luminous tarot card
With the words
Written there
Only I can see it
The message meant for me
The way you are
The way you were
And always have been



Today has taught me that
Today might not be enough
That we want more
That we are greedy by nature
And while I respect the wisdom of scripture
Love is not like the Bible tells us
Rather it is entirely jealous
Has to be
Ought to be
Love wants a second helping
A third and a fourth
Love will reach through the cracks
Of a rundown asphalt street
And grab you by the ankle
Because it is that thirsty or famished
Love will sit by a fire
Willing to throw itself atop the blaze
If that’s what you tell it to do
If that’s the only way you can keep warm
Love is a prism of duality and paradox
Both malleable and as solid as diamond
It is the one thing in life
That there is never enough of
The one thing I need
Most from you


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