Monday, August 21, 2017


…I haven’t actually looked, but I think there’s still a lot of candy left in this piñata, so go ahead and beat me.

…Ten miles is a lot different depending on how you get there.

…If there was a solar eclipse every year, do you think people would even care?

…There were a lot of snakes around our house when I was a kid.  All kinds… I found a blue-tailed racer once and kept him as a pet in an empty Folgers Coffee can with air holes in the plastic lid.  I named him Louie.  One day I came home and my father was not happy.  No, not at all.  Louie had somehow gotten loose and was found dangling around a water pipe above the work bench where my dad tooled leather.  He used one of those belts on me that day, but it didn’t hurt all that much.  I still suspect my brother let Louie loose.

…I think sunsets top sunrises.  The ones here are always shades of plum and pink, soft ribbons of color.

…“When it rains, it pours.”—Not always.

…I wonder what dogs dream about.

…Sometimes I think my mind is trying to tell me something.

…A sabbatical is a good thing, a hiatus not so much.

…My office always smells good.  I tear the cologne strips out of magazines and open them up.  It’s pretty effective.

…My office is currently a pig sty, which says something about my state of mind.

…Yesterday, a half block up from the bank, there was a group of young men standing under a large American flag with a sign that read: STAND UP FOR TRUMP!  STOP HERE.  They’re probably the same guys who drive their car, and sometimes even their boat, with a confederate flag sticking out of it.

…When I was a teenager, I had long hair.  Not really long, but long.  My dad called me Sally or Flower Child.  It never offended me.  I kind of liked it.

…Some things I can’t handle are: a child in fear, a child crying when it’s being disciplined, a child in pain.  Basically I can’t handle anything with a child being unhappy.

…Every child is made of love, made of gold, made of diamonds.

…Songs that were stuck in my head at some point while picking blueberries Saturday included “Body Like A Back Road” and “Mercy,” both country songs at the end of each other’s spectrum.

…I don’t know what I’d do without music, but if I had to choose between being deaf or blind, I’d have to go with deaf.

…I think single moms are heroes.

…“If I were any better, I’d be twins.”  That’s something I’ve never said.

…I’m not good at fixing things and I’m perfectly fine with that.

…Italian is such a fun language.  If I was Italian, I’m pretty sure I’d talk to myself when I was alone.  Pretty sure I’d be smiling a lot more, too.  Pretty sure I’d be fatter.

…I’m pretty sure this is going to be an interesting week.  Pretty sure it’s going to be one of those rollercoasters where you scream and try not to throw up on yourself doing the alley oops.

…It’s not dark yet, but it’s getting there.

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