Saturday, October 4, 2014


...So I've been gone four days and now I'm back and I'm backed up, not in a physical sense, like constipated, but I've got a lot of things to get done.

In ten days I'm doing a reading here in little old Snoho at a cool bookstore.
I'm not one of those writers who loves reading.  I get nervous and don't especially enjoy the experience.  
Also, I've never read in front of non-writer friends before, so this one will be tricky.  I'll have to rehearse quite a bit.
Don't want to blow it and ruin the evening for everyone.

If you're around, you should come.

It would make me happy.

Really, it would.

An Evening of Fiction & Poetry with Author Len Kuntz
Come enjoy an evening of flash fiction & poetry as Uppercase Bookshop hosts author Len Kuntz. Len is the author of the book  The Dark Sunshine as well as nearly 800 stories and poems currently appearing in print and in online literary journals.

Tuesday, October 14th
7:00 – 8:30pm

Refreshments will be served!

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