Monday, March 31, 2014


…I am surrounded by books.  An L-shaped unit behind me is filled with over a hundred of them.  On my desk, inches from this keyboard, is a stack of fifteen to my right, and as many to my left.
I find a lot of comfort being encircled by the written word.

…I like politics and knowing what’s going on in the world, so most of the time I’ll leave the TV turned onto CNN during the day.
 For the last three weeks the coverage has almost been entirely about the lost Malaysian airplane.  There’s never anything new to say, yet they keep at it.  Today they had a panel of six experts, all of them saying the same thing, essentially that it’s all conjecture at this point, same as I has been the last three weeks.  It seems remarkable that they can keep reporting on news that really isn’t news.  This morning, in a surprising move, one of the announcers shared that CNN’s ratings have doubled since the plane went missing.  He said each day he keeps expecting their viewership to begin waning but they just stay steady instead. 
I wonder how long they keep this up.
What would they be talking about if the plane had never disappeared?

…I started watching “The Walking Dead,” albeit a little late in the game.  I can see why it has a cult following.  I’m only a few episodes in, and while it’s grizzly and I don’t have a thing for zombies, the writing, directing and acting is sharp. 
Looking forward to seeing how it plays out.

…Yesterday I finished re-reading Dorianne Laux’s poetry collection, “Facts About The Moon.”  I didn’t enjoy it as much the second time.  She’s one of the fifty most famous poets in the world, yet she didn’t quite to it for me.

…Here are some pithy musings from Facebook folk last week:

-Ariana Huffington claims that 20% of people use their smart phones during sex. That's 1 out of every 5 people using their phone DURING sex.
out dragging an animal with you everywhere, eh? The attention your animal gets you is not attention you earned or deserve. You have not accomplished anything by forcing an animal to sit on the floor of a coffee shop while you gossip about your shitty friends. It's gross behavior, and you should change it.

And Portland business owners, I am mad at you for being enablers. Get your shit together, gurl.
-Not making this up: the dog that bit me Monday is named Karma.
-So excited! My "Topless Putin" calendar finally arrived. April has a pic of Putin riding a unicorn shirtless and bareback. I mean, Putin is shirtless and the unicorn is bareback. U know what I mean.
-If dying is a euphemism for sexual climax, does that mean that aging is a euphemism for foreplay and suicide is a euphemism for masturbation?  Is a funeral a euphemism for rolling over and going to sleep?

-Is there a way to stop dating men who cry in Whole Foods?

-I joined a cool new literary website called "A Band of Angry, Menopausal Women". So excited.

-Today I was told that my new profile picture makes me appear unattractive. So I am keeping it up for a good, long time.
-Jay kissed Rho, then Rho said, "Your kiss is happy in my mouth."

-i guess i have to clean up cat barf.
-Jay says to me, "If one person is murdered during sex and the other person finishes, is that considered necrophilia?" On principal, we are NOT having sex tonight.
-Upside to living alone: naked time.
Downside to living alone: was convinced last night that every single noise was a serial killer.

-Thursdays are a giant boil on the butt of the week.

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