Wednesday, March 26, 2014


…I finished Kelli Russell Agodon’s “Hourglass Museum” yesterday.  I’d met her at AWP and got her book there.  She’s a lovely person with great energy.
Her poetry collection is equally vibrant and vital.  Many of the pieces are about the importance of art as well as strained relationships, sacrifice and suffering.  They feel autobiographical in nature and reading them makes one a voyeur in the best possible way.  It’s a gift for a poet to make themselves so vulnerable without sounding trite or melodramatic. 
If you’re in the mood for some great writing, I’d recommend her book.  The title slide above is a line stripped from one of her pieces.

…On a very different note, here are some ramblings from Facebook people last week:
-Just submitted a short story to a hungry dog. I let her eat it covered in barbecue sauce. Waiting to hear what happens.
-When I was in my twenties I got propositioned by Vanilla Ice at the Mall of America and I have to say, it's been all downhill from there.

-I'm nonplussed. Such a ridiculous word, and I'm not sure WTF that word even means. But I think I am. It. Nonplussed, that is. And who the fuck cares? Not me. That's for sure.

-Yup, there's an ad for "Cheap Men's Thong Undies" on my FB page right now.

-I've decided to stop wearing underwear...

-Hey Portland people, how about you leave your fucking dogs at home? Dogs get nothing out of being in bars and restaurants and coffee shops, and they seriously shouldn't be there, especially wandering around unleashed. If you want to spend time with your dog, stay at home, or go on walks, but stay out of places where food is prepared and served, et cetera. If you want to be out at bars and restaurants, then how about you develop social skills.

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