Friday, April 5, 2013


…Last night I went to a reading given by Kim Barnes at Third Place Books in Ravenna.
Kim’s first book, a memoir, was short-listed for The Pulitzer Prize.
For her latest novel, she did a slide slow presentation, replete with old photographs that inspired her unique story about the Americon Corporation and Americans moving to Saudi Arabia to begin drilling oil in 1937.  It was utterly fascinating and the book ("In the Kingdom of Men") seems like it will be so, too.
I’m looking forward to reading it.

…It’s a blustery day here in Seattle.  (“Blustery” always makes me think of Winnie the Poo and Piglet, and my daughter’s love of all those characters created by A.A. Milne as bedtime stories for his children.)
What are you doing today?

…Here are some of the latest Facebook clips, unedited, for your reading enjoyment:

-Someone smarter than me needs to invent a social media breathalyzer because sometimes when people drink they say dumbshit on the Internet.

-Silence is loud.

-I have the biggest, ugliest zit on my left cheek.

-My mom just got yelled at for biting a mask in a souvenir shop.

-My sister's school grades are very high. She's so different than I am. She got abused a lot less, though. It helps.

-Hello all you perverts and lovers. Do you use sex apps? Which ones are good? Lemme know!

-I'm slapping this to-do list right across its ugly face. And then I'm killing it. It will not exist by the end of tomorrow.

-Sorry I didn't cut deeper. You know my hands shake.

-You know what taking offense to everything equals? No sense of humor. Unequivocally, the people I know who take the greatest offense to things that myself or other people say have ZERO sense of humor.

-Lighten the fuck up.

-While I am on the road, if any of you (in the next 6 hours) want to steal any one of my boy friends starting with the letter "A" it is okay.

-I dreamt last night that Plath was my therapist, and she was over charging me.

-Play me a song, please.

-I wouldn't say I'm hypersexual. I'd just say, "I'm horny."

-Pale women who are never satisfied.

-For some reason, I love everyone today!

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