Wednesday, April 24, 2013


…How’s Hump Day working out for you?  I never say Hump Day.  I don’t like the way it sounds.  Therefore I will never say or write it again.

…I have been one unproductive fellow.  Need to get my crap together, which I’m aiming to do right after this post.

…People on Facebook sure are funny.  Here’s what some of them had to say (their words, not mine) over the last few days:

-I'm going to walk around saying "hot enough fer ya?" to everyone I see today. Bets on how long it takes me to get punched?

-I am neither in favor or opposed to the death penalty, because just being born is a death penalty in itself, and you can't argue your way out of that.

-Should I book the hotel room with the mirrors over the bed?

-Facebook surely makes you feel like everyone else is living a more beautiful life than you are.

-What if everyone hates me?

-I go hard in the mutherfuggin taint.

-Came home to two catastrophes: toilet doesn't work and computer won't turn on. Used Google on phone and fixed both. Google is my boyfriend.
Today I received a special gift from above. My first moon cycle in 7 years! The last time I had my menses was at the age of 26. Being a fitness model I always had extremely low body fat.

-Customer: "May I try on the dress in the window?"
Salesperson: "No, ma'am. You have to try it on in the dressing room just like everyone else."

-You can always tell a health nut by the way they hold their cigarette.

-be carful out there in lief.. yesterday i licked some manatee-related signage in a public park, now i am sick. it coud hapen to anyone.

-I hate to be a bitch but what the hell. I am quite good at it.

-More ass kicking less ass licking, I say!

-This is fucking fucked.

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