Saturday, July 3, 2010

Other than posting stories here, which I do as soon as they are published, I haven't in any way used this site as one would a typical blog. Far from it, mostly it's been a haven, a receptacle more or less, for my writing.
I've shied away from writing on this regularly for a couple of reasons. First, I've worried about having anything interesting to say. I mean I think I'm an interesting guy, but maybe I'm not. Maybe I'm dull, a dolt, a rube. Second, it seems a bit arrogant to think people want to know what you have to say about whatever it is you're prone to expound about. (I don't get Twitter either, why it's important to know if someone just ate a hotdog and now has indigestion from it, going color blind.)
But in general, the more I thought about it, I realized I can be interesting if I try. If not, I can at least find meaningful things that other people have remarked on and steal those. Also, I realized how hypocritical I was to assume people would want to read your story or poem but now hear more of your thoughts. At concerts I always like when the singers tell a little story.
So, going forward, I'll be updating the posts every few days.
I was on a trip to Mexico last week. Saw a lot of poverty and visited the people who work the garbage dumps. I've got about ten different story bits I need to buff up about my experience and see if someone will have them.
While I was gone I had quite a few things accepted and posted. I've added them already:
The Surveyor
The Optometrist
Up High on a Shelf, the Living and the Dead
It Wasn't Me
Real Beauty

Later tonight I plan to post "American Diner" for a 4th of July feature, and "A Thorougly Modern Family," which is creepy and bizarre but good, I think/hope.

Sometimes writing is not only lonely, but it's scary trying to write openly and honestly without fear of what others will think: "If he writes about that, does he do it? Does he want to?" "I wonder if that's autobiographical?" "I wish he wasn't so wimpy." "I have no idea what that chucklehead was trying to say with that poem."

But you just write and try to make it as true as possible, even though the complete story may be invented. I think you have to worry some about your audience. To not worry would be idiotic because writing is meant to be read.

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