Monday, July 12, 2010

Hey Hi,

I have a few new things up, posted under "Words in Print:"
"Snake Eyes" @ The New Flesh;
"Paper Jewelry" and five other poems at Etcetera from the UK:
"Dime Toss" @ Twisted Tongue, a UK print magazine.

Here are some excerpts from an old, invaluable classic, "Writing Novels That Sell," by Jack Bickham:
--"The first job of any writer is the production of pages."
--"Writers begin with rejection, they live with rejection, they die with rejection."
and...--"Good novels aren't written, they're rewritten." I've certainly heard this said often enough, so I hope it's true as I am now in the throes of editing my novel, "House of Rats."

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  1. Just read "Thoroughly Modern Families" over at The Medulla Review. Good stuff!