Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I have a new story, "Two and a Half" up at The Legendary, and also here under "Words in Print."

I live on a lake in the boondocks. It's quite nice, very different from the yuppie suburb living I was used to, however, the internet connection here is so slow that often it very well could be easier to communicate via smoke signal.

I really want to read the new Brett Easton Ellis (why three names?) sequel to "Less Than Zero." I remember being repulsed by that book, actually feeling a bit ashamed reading it, but it still throttled me in the way that all strong fiction should attempt to do.

Tomorrow I will be at the Pacific Northwest Writers Conference here in Seattle. I'm nervous as I have three ten minute appointments with different editors and agents. All three are from houses that represent some big hitters (can you say John Grisham?). Evidentially the key is "pitching" your story right. Seems sort of like prostitution to me, but still I've been all over trying to get tips on it, writing my script out, practicing, generally doing my homework. I wish I had a person who was good at that sort of thing and could do it for me. I just want the agent to read the first twenty pages of the novel so that they can see I actually know how to write. Whether they enjoy the novel's story, well that's different. Just curious, but would a title like "House of Rats" repulse or intrigue you?

I was never a huge Marilyn Monroe fan like so many are, but I think she might have been a lot wiser than I thought. I like this:
"I used to think as I looked out at the Hollywood night--there must be thousands of girls like me, sitting alone dreaming of becoming a movie star. But I'm not going to worry about them. I'm dreaming the hardest." -- M. M.

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