Wednesday, August 14, 2019


…I don’t want to be afraid, but I very much own up to the fact that I am a misfit.

…Sometimes nothing’s good enough, or right enough, or smart enough, or doesn’t seem to be, so those are your answers, however broken.

…Other times it’s just WTF?

…I hope there’s a different pill for this.

…I’m definitely winning Ugliest Man of the Year right now.  Hands down.

Lord restore unto me the joy of thy salvation.

…I see it.  Just can’t reach it.

…Fire has always been a pretty well-worn metaphor.  I know it has for me.

…What if it was really simple?

I don’t need you to fix what I’d rather forget.

…--85% of the things you worry about never happen.
…--But what about the 15%?

…God either gets too much credit, or not enough, and therein lies the predicament.

…A person at peace is hard to miss.

…Sometimes it’s wise to remember that things are not always as they seem.

…What do you think it means when you have some great triumph, when you’ve achieved something you’ve wanted for a long time, then you’re joyful for, like a day, or a minute, then the dark flood comes without warning or apology?

…Amy was right.  You can’t ever have enough Donny Hathaway.

Every wave at your name.

…Sing a little louder, please.

…Yes, please.

“I wish you’d make up your bed so I could make up my mind.”

…I wonder what it would be like to sit half a dozen sad people in the same room.  Maybe we’d all get our stuff sorted out.

…I don’t know if you can see it, but we’re upside down.
…I tell myself the struggle is part of it.

…“You know, back when everyone had fists on you?  Maybe that wasn’t all bad.”

…Just help me explain this, please.

…Sometimes all I wanted was the screams to stop, the blood to stop.  But what child wouldn’t?

…The difference between empathy and sensitivity is pretty difficult to prove.

…Sure, sure.  Whatever you say.

…Somebody has to be punished.  Might as well be me.  Just look at my skinny wrists.

…The truth is, I loved everything about it.

…Before the sun even showed up this morning, I already watched Bud swim the lake, and Pete fly by twice.  Those should be good signs, if one believed in those kinds of things.

…Out of everyone in the world, you’re the one I wanted to tell.

…Words matter.  I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately.  I’ve been spending time with it.

…Maybe it’ll get easier.  I hope so.

…I’m just laying here, coughing up gluey leaves.  How’re you doing?

…One pill, two pills, eight.  There you go.  Good night.

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