Monday, May 22, 2017



I’d see Him sometimes
Robed with a staff handy
Fingers twirling the snow-white
Whiskers of His beard
Elbows on knees
The old ancient man
Leaning over heaven thinking
What have we here
Looking befuddled and stymied
As with Eve’s antics in the garden
As with His choir leader turned Satan
I never did see Him in church
The pastor made sure of it
With his convulsing and shouting
His snake oil salesman routine
He was an actor my mother loved
And would have slept with for free
He can leave his boots under
My bed anytime
So I didn’t trust him
Or the building in general
Or the paintings
The prayers
The strained glass murals
The braying pipe organ
The phony sculpture of Christ
With a loin cloth where
There should have been none
Even when it was just the pastor
Everything still shook and trembled
Congregation antsy
Eager or agitated
Shouting Amen!
And Preach it!
The whole place as
Raucous as a prize fight
Where one boxer beats
The pulp and life
Out of the other
Back home it wasn’t
That much different
There were beatings aplenty
Noisy ones too
Bloody pulp hitting tile
Like a flat of strawberries
If I learn God was watching
Any one of those episodes
I’ll be unable
To forgive Him
Even if that earns
Me a return trip
To Hell


The Welder’s Song

This is the sound of breaking
Then melting
A sort of soldering
Smell of burnt iron
lining the nostrils now
Sparks from the welder’s flame
Shooting 4th of July bright
Landing on tennis shoes
And cracked cement
Hitting skin

This is the sound of love
Fierce devotion
The kind of rapt attention lovers
Show one another when they can’t say
If they’ll ever see each other again
Noticing moles and blurred scars
Seeing it all again for the first time.

I wished he would show me that--
The love a welder has for his torch and metal
I wished he would solder me back into a boy
If only half of one
Watching him work I wished so many things
That by the time my father finished his piece
And held it up to the light with a smile
There was nothing left to wish for


Plastic Chandeliers

That was the way I knew
How to fall, tuck and roll
When the fire reached
The ceiling
Melted the plastic chandelier
And every bold hope
Along with my
Brothers’ army portraits
Melted their stripes and tin
Until their smiles bubbled ichor
That was when I knew
Nothing was normal
That families who eat
Their own young
Are animals of
An entirely different kind
Tarnished beyond




  1. I love your poetry, always, and I especially like the pathos and words in the third poem here. I hope Gloria is working away on your collection so I can read, and re-read all of your poems again, and again.

  2. thanks so much, RV. I'm grateful and also hoping with you about Gloria. the year is almost half over. thanks again.

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