Monday, August 8, 2016


…I went to two readings this week.  One was to hear a writer friend from Michigan and the other, on Saturday night, was to hear a writer friend from Chicago.
Prior to the reading we met at another friend’s house in Ballard and did a podcast together for about an hour where we basically had a conversation about writing, my book, careers, families and motivation.  My friend led the conversation, and he’s good at it, a regular Jimmy Fallon.  I assume most people would enjoy being interviewed, but me, well, not so much.  Anyway, it was kind of him to do it, and I am grateful that he would think of me.

…A few bombs went off this week regarding stuff unrelated to writing and so that’s stifled my creativity.  I also got a very nice yet firm rejection from an agent I met at the last conference regarding my novel.  Out of the seven I sent the manuscript to, she was my first choice, her rejection was a bit of a bummer.

…Here are some very random facts I learned last week that you may or may not already know:

-In 2014 there were 20 veteran suicides every single day, most between the ages of 18-29 (heartbreaking)

-Over 70 million Americans are dealing with debt collectors

-A snail can sleep for up to 3 years

-Last year Warner Bros. Music collected over $2million in royalties from the song “Happy Birthday”

-There are more sheep than people in New Zealand and more moose than people in Maine

-Gunpowder was invented when the Chinese tried making gold

-81% of people would rather travel with their mobile device than a loved one (yikes)

-The most shoplifted food in Europe is cheese

-Vincent Van Gough made over 900 paintings during his lifetime but sold only one while he was alive


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