Wednesday, April 27, 2016


…April’s almost gone.  It went by fast, but it was a very full month as should be May.

…Here are some random things I learned recently that you may or may not know yourself:

The Monarch butterfly can travel more than two thousand miles, from Canada to Mexico.

In a recent survey, traces of cocaine were found on 99% of UK paper money.

One in eight American workers has been employed at McDonald’s at one point in their life.

The most stolen book in the world is The Bible.

A herd of rhinos is called a Crash.

The number one importer of slaves in the world wasn’t actually the US, but Brazil.

It takes 100 years for a metal can to disintegrate.

A whale can grow up to 100 pounds a minute after it is born.

Falling coconuts and vending machines kill more people each year than do sharks.

Van Gogh created over 900 paintings and sold 1 (for 44 francs).  (After his death, the highest paid price for one of his painting was $87.5 million)
Only 4% of women think they are beautiful. 

62% of adults say they exercise enough;10% actually do. 

Last year, ten Americans died from terrorism; 34,680 died in car accidents. 

74 vs 686: Los Angeles’s Air Quality Index versus Beijing (500) is considered near lethal)

45% of Japanese couples said they have not had sex in the last month.

According to Author John Groom, the cost of the Obama’s lifestyle is $1.4 Billion per year, for vacations, Camp David, personal and political travel, and other items not directly related to the operations of the federal government.

$3.3 Trillion: Total projected 2015 revenue of United States government from individual, corporate, and social security taxes.

In 1913 the US government spending was 4.5% of GDP. Today it’s 47%.

$229 Billion: Amount donated by Americans to charity last year.

64.3 Million: Number of Americans who volunteered for a charity last year, totaling 8.3 billion hours.

The CEO of Viacom made $54.2 million dollars last year.  Eleven CEO’s made over $30 million last year.

Cumberland college once lost an NCAA football game by a score of 222-0.


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