Friday, April 22, 2016


…Yesterday in my junk folder I found two recent emails from widows wanting to give me huge sums of money.  In total, it was close to $100 million.  I get emails like these regularly.  The scam must work or I doubt they’d be wasting all that time, though crooks are known to be stupid.

…I’ve had quite a few pieces published of late.  It’s kind of nice: page_id=1070#Kuntz

…I’m going to spend a weekend with my best friend in Vancouver today, so I won’t be back again for a few days.  But here are some things I like for the weekend:

“I wouldn't be surprised if poetry - poetry in the broadest sense, in the sense of a world filled with metaphor, rhyme, and recurring patterns, shapes, and designs - is how the world works. The world isn't logical; it's a song.” - David Byrne

“Another way that you love your enemy is this: When the opportunity presents itself for you to defeat your enemy, that is the time which you must not do it. There will come a time, in many instances, when the person who hates you most, the person who has misused you most, the person who has gossiped about you most, the person who has spread false rumors about you most, there will come a time when you will have an opportunity to defeat that person. It might be in terms of a recommendation for a job; it might be in terms of helping that person to make some move in life. That’s the time you must do it. That is the meaning of love. In the final analysis, love is not this sentimental something that we talk about. It’s not merely an emotional something. Love is creative, understanding goodwill for all men. It is the refusal to defeat any individual. When you rise to the level of love, of its great beauty and power, you seek only to defeat evil systems. Individuals who happen to be caught up in that system, you love, but you seek to defeat the system.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

“I grew up out of that strange, dreamy childhood of mine and went into the world of reality. I met with experiences that bruised my spirit - but they never harmed my ideal world. That was always mine to retreat into at will.” L.M. Montgomery

“We accept the love we think we deserve.” “Perks of Being a Wallflower”

"What is refused is lost." Zoe Ruiz

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