Tuesday, March 1, 2016


…Sometimes people I don’t necessarily care for say things that make me think, such as Jeff Goldblum here:

“Don’t pretend you’re not an apple.  Put me in front of a raging bull and I’ll crap my pants like anybody, but in general I’m excited by the fleeting nature of what we are.  Three’s something romantic and poetic and certainly educational in it.  The flower goes up and it goes down.  The apple gets ripe and then I withers, and that’s what we’re all meant to do.  It can only clarify, deepen, and enhance our moments on earth—and help us understand what the hell we’re doing here and how we can best live.

Don’t hurt yourself.

You might become a tap dancer or a hiker or a wrestler or a ballet dancer or a rock climber; we don’t know.  Find out what you’re interested in and move around—and don’t stop moving.

Follow your interests in the lovely other creatures with who you share this existence.”

…Or others I do care for:

“You can be in the gutter talking about all your missed opportunities, or you can be the successful one, pulling the other guy out of the gutter.” Glen Frey

“I couldn’t decide whether I was writing the characters, or if they were writing me, or whether we were all the same.” David Bowie

“When the record came out, we were down to peanuts.  But I wanted it to have scope, to appeal to the different parts of what we did.  I wanted it to be fun.  I wanted it to be crushing.” Bruce Springsteen

“If you’re going to be two-faced, at least make one of them pretty.” Marilyn Monroe

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