Sunday, March 27, 2016


It’s Sunday.  Easter.  Happy Easter to you.
Tomorrow’s Monday.  I’ll have some good news then.

…Last week I had a few things published, including these:

…One of the tough things about writing is when you write fiction or poetry yet what you’re writing about is very much real, something that happened, something involving hurt and real people involved.
So the question becomes, do you even write it?  And if you do, and if it gets published somewhere, do you share it, knowing the parties involved might see it and be offended?
I had that issue come up with half a dozen poems I wrote.  I sided with not sharing them.  And so those poems died with me.  But that’s okay.

…It’s raining here in Seattle, Snohomish.  It’s raining tubs and tubs of water.
Someday soon, though, that sun up there somewhere is going to show her pretty yellow face.

“No, Bob Marley is not your dad.”
“GG Allin is not your dad.”
“Beavis is not your dad.”

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