Friday, June 27, 2014



…I feel blue today.  Is it because it was my birthday yesterday?  Maybe.  Probably.  I’m not sure. 
But I’ll shake it off.  There’s no reason to be sad on a Friday.

…Outside my window people are waterskiing on the lake even though it’s a gray day.  The look like they’re having fun.

…Here are some very random things I learned of late that you might already know:

-The U.S. economy has now added back all jobs it lost during the financial meltdown.
Still, 6 out of 10 people believe it is impossible for them to achieve the American Dream.

-There are 7.1 million millionaires in the U.S.

-Kentucky’s basketball coach was given a seven year contract extension worth $52.5 million.

-82% of all email users use Gmail

-At least 10,000 more Americans and Europeans took their lives during 2007 – 2010 than during good economic times prior. 
The suicide rate for was 4.8% in the U.S.
6.5% in major European countries
-The state of Oklahoma averages 2 earthquakes a year but has had 207 through June 15th of 2014

-The average age of a car still in use in the U.S. is 11.4 years old

-33% of all parents have no money set aside for a family financial emergency and another 11% have less than $1,000 set aside

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