Friday, February 14, 2014


…It’s Friday and it’s Valentine’s Day.  I hope you’re spending it with someone special.  I don’t feel all that romantic right now.  So let’s keep things light.
Here are some of my favorite musings from Facebook friends last week:

-Uncle Ben has died. No more Mr. Rice Guy.”

-I learned yesterday that some women shave their faces because of the light peach fuzz we have because, well, we're mammals and we grow hair.
I never knew any women shaved their faces. Am I just some kind of old out of touch relic? I mean, well, I have to say, WTF?
Yeah, WTF?

-If prisons let prisoners take their own mug shots, are they "cellfies?"

-Most frank license plate ever, seen today in Bellevue, WA: IH8 PPL

-Dear five year old kid who just called and asked to swap naked pictures with me: Don't.

-Can't stop thinking about pancakes.

-Daughter 2: Mom! I'm becoming a real person!
Me: how is that?
D2: I spilled some granola on the floor and I am actually sweeping it up.
Me: wow! You ARE becoming a real person.
D2: But I only swept it underneath the refrigerator, so the journey is not yet complete.

-I just peed continuously for 2.5 minutes. I timed it.

-I hate seeing white people have fun.

-Just got to say this to someone: "10 inches of snow is pussy snow"

-I am 24. You are unimpressed.

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