Wednesday, January 29, 2014


…I did a podcast interview/reading on Bud Smith’s Unknown Radio Show yesterday.  Bud is a great guy and hails from Brooklyn.  I’ll finally be meeting him next month at AWP, which is held here in Seattle this year.  AWP is a big writer’s conference (10,000 writers attend), mostly indie writers and poets.

Anyway, the podcast did not go so well.  I was terrible.  Got nervous.  Don’t know why.  It was over the phone.  Maybe I need to read to actual faces.  I have to get a lot better.

…I did the shameless plug for my upcoming story collection on Facebook yesterday.  A few people said I shouldn’t be worried about promoting myself, but it does feel rather self-indulgent.  I’m going to do it here, however, so maybe it won’t be such a worry after I’ve done it a few times.

The book is 120 pages, 54 stories, 90 percent of them less than 500 words.  I thought I’d sell a lot more copies than I’m currently selling.

Today I have to complete an interview for Connotation Press, the publishers of my book who are kind enough to have me as their featured writer for their online magazine this month.  I’m really lucky to know Meg and Ken.  They’re great people.

Oh, and here’s the pre-order link for my book, if you’re interested, and thanks so much if you are!

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