Wednesday, January 15, 2014


…Here’s a link to pre-order my book, if you’re so inclined, and if you do, you’ll move way up on my Favorite Persons list:

…Some writers I really admire said some nice things about the collection.  I hope they weren’t just being nice:
"Len Kuntz can do with five words what other writers can't do with fifty. Urgent and electric, his writing pulls you so close you feel it humming against your naked skin."
-Mel Bosworth, author of the novel FREIGHT

“Len Kuntz's flash fiction is everything flash fiction should aspire to be -- surreal, macabre, humorous, and never anything less than totally alive.”
-Howie Good, author of The Complete Absence of Twilight and other books

“Len Kuntz skewers the surreal or mundane of effective storytelling. He masters this through uncanny short prose by compressing emotion for heightened, maximum effect. He eschews excess; the stories don’t need it. His words, precise as a knife blade, are original and excruciating. Kuntz never loses sight of overarching mysteries. He accomplishes more in three pages than most writers will with three hundred.”
-Robert Vaughan, author of Addicts & Basements

“Len Kuntz is a master of efficiency. In his debut collection, the characters come alive and then come undone in the space of a few hundred words. Every few pages reveals a new world with new heroes, new villains, and new heartache, and Len's careful, tumbling sentences will pull you into each one. The stories in this collection are wounds: raw and shining.” 
-Aubrey Hirsch, author of WHY WE NEVER TALK ABOUT SUGAR

"Kuntz is a writer who grips his readers and shakes them to their core. The Dark Sunshine digs deep. Each story rattles with raw emotion, unearthing dark recesses of truth and beauty. A stunning debut."

-Deborah Henry, author of The Whipping Club, selected for O Magazine July Summer Reading Issue and named to Kirkus Reviews’ Best of 2012

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