Monday, September 16, 2013


…What a fantastic thunder and lightning storm last night.  It went on for over an hour.  The skies were neon fuchsia, radioactive green, and glowing plum. 

…Well, it’s Monday.  New day, new week.  It’s really important that I be productive.  I think I’ve taken on too many writing projects, which is not a great thing when I’m feeling blocked…

But here are some interesting comments from Facebook last week that you might enjoy, or maybe just ponder:

 -I have gotten more action from my bike seat in the past week than I have from any man in the past year.

 -I just got hit on while doing the least sexy thing in the world... buying toilet paper. I know I have a good ass, but don't comment on it while I am obviously trying to get home and take a giant shit.

 -40 years on earth and my only superpower is the ability to pick a perfect watermelon.
 -I drink the cerebrospinal fluid of mine enemies like a fine wine.

 -Students who complain about having to read in college are the most hilarious people of all.

 -It's always amusing how someone who was quite a shit to you in the past, suddenly wants to be FB friends now.

 -Been trying hard to avoid this, but the time has come to retain legal counsel. So: can anyone recommend a good New Jersey divorce lawyer? Thank you so very much. (I could also use a hug.)

 -Too many sociopaths on here.

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