Friday, September 13, 2013


…What’s your weekend looking like?

…Today my puppy has a play date with her sister.  I’m excited for her.  She’s such a sweet pup.

…Tomorrow I travel to Snoqualmie to speak to a group of about 30 men.  Haven’t done any speaking for a while, so hopefully it will go well.

…I’ve been in something of a massive writing slump for the last month or so.  It’s a little troublesome.  I did happen to write this yesterday, for a friend:

The End of Us

The sting of your silence
strangles my shadows.

A continent away,
baby clothes collect dust in the rafters
while we lay on banana-shaped chairs,
sweat misting down our ribs
and your lackluster heart.

Tourists swing and fumble to Bruno Mars.
A toddler screams for ketchup as
an effervescent life guard implores
us to “Move it!  Move it!”

Years ago this might have made sense.
The crows might not have gathered near
and superstition would have been nothing more than
a jaded habit for uninspired fools.

But now a skiff bobs on flat water,
and pelicans bomb the surface,
as I choke down another drink,
waiting for the world to cloud or cower,
wondering how the loss of a child

can also mean the end of us.

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