Saturday, October 20, 2012


…I have been playing with the cutest puppy ever and now I want a dog.  Everyone should probably have a dog.  A cute one anyway.

…Have you ever seen the movie “Big Fish?”  It’s adorable.  I love it.
“Rent” is not such a great film, though the some of the songs were still able to give me shivers even after having seen the play three times and the movies just as many

Here are some things for the weekend:

-"I like a man who attempts the impossible." J.P. Morgan

-"The world will always want a drink."
-"There's a difference between loving someone and loving the idea of them."
-"Oh, here is the rest of my life.  It's finally arrived." Gillian Flynn, "Gone Girl"

-"Growing up, if we were having an argument, my mother thought that was great.  At least we were talking."
-"If you're going to get beat, get beat on your best pitch."
-"I have so many ideas I want to talk about, but if you talk about too many, no one's going to hear you."
-"Everything out on the table.  You're not happy today?  I wanna know why.  Let's fix it and move on.  I got that from my mother."

-"Every once in a while, you go a little too far.  And that's okay. -C. Christie

 -"A book should offer hope.  It should lift up the reader." John Dufresne
-"I require only three things of a man: he must be handsome, ruthless and stupid." Dorothy Parker

-"If you have the courage to begin, you have the courage to succeed." David Viscott

-"Accept no one's definition of your life, but define yourself." Harvey Fierstein

-"The ability to concentrate and to use time well is everything." Lee Iococca

-"you will not confront yourself
so you leap to the aid of others"
-d.a. levy

-"It's better to light a candle than to curse the darkness." Chinese proverb

-"What a man is contributes much more to his happiness than what he has, or how he is regarded by others." Arthur Schopenhauer

-"If you want to know what a man is really like, take notice how he acts when he loses money." New England Proverb

-"Self-respect is the root of discipline: The sense of dignity grows with the ability to say no to oneself." Abraham Heschel

-"It is better to wear out one's shoes than one's sheets." Genoese Proverb
-"It seems to me that I will always be happy in the place that I am not." Paul Auster

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