Saturday, April 14, 2012


…I’m one of those.
I love NY.
I don’t understand her, entirely, but I am smitten
She is the date you meet when you think, I will never completely comprehend her, she’s endlessly fascinating, but won’t it be wonderful trying?

Here are some random questions I have for New York City:

-How do you function? With ten million people stuffed inside your boroughs, how do not explode or implode?
-Why aren’t more people killed? With tensions a little higher than your average town, why aren’t there more rage killings? And why aren’t more people hit by the staggering number of vehicles on the road?
-How can one mayor handle such a big place?
-What’s your proudest accomplishment?
-How often do you think of 9/11?
-Does it worry you at all that the new World Trade Center will attract more terrorist attacks?
-What are your thoughts about “Occupy Wall Street?”
-Who is your favorite NY-based actor/actress? Singer?
-Do you even care that Tim Tebow is now a NY Jet?
-Why are you so mean to New Jersey? Why are you that insecure?
-How is it even possible to raise children in your environs?
-Of all the ones you’ve created, what’s your very favorite love story?
--Central Park is a beaut. How have you managed to not turn all the acreage over to the capitalists for development?
-What are the things that make you most sad? Is it the pollution in The Hudson? Is it your homeless brood? Is it mortgage rates or the price of parking?
-What are your top three favorite restaurants? Top three bars? Favorite place to people watch?
-Does it even matter whose governor?
-Do ever feel like taking a very long nap?
-Do you ever feel guilty charging $6.00 for a Kit Kat, $6.50 with tax?

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