Saturday, April 7, 2012


…This was in the local paper. I found it bizarrely interesting.

"Looking for a sugar daddy? It might help to strategize. And it might help to look in Seattle.
Apparently, the city is one of the top cities in the country with the best chance of finding a daddy. And it has some of the most generous daddies nationwide.”

That’s according to "Seeking Arrangement", a dating site that matches daddies with “babies,” which released a ranking Wednesday of cities with the highest number of daddies per guys. The average daddy is 39 years old, makes $263,500 a year, is worth $5.6 million and spends $4,300 a month on a baby, says the site. (Numbers are based on self-reporting).

…Another interesting story involves Don Sammons, who is auctioning off the town of Buford, Wyoming, population 1.
Don is the only resident of Buford, which had 10 acres of land, including a post office, gas station and sign declaring it was incorporated in the year 1866.
Minimum bid for Buford, WY starts at $100,000.

…Maybe I should buy the town. I keep winning lotteries. I think I've hit the Netherlands jackpot at least twelve times this year already. And I won some in France, too. Or so the messages say. And I've been getting emails from Iraqis, Chinese, Bulgarians and sweet-sounding Christian ladies who all find me "incredibly trustworthy" and want me to partner with them buy "giving me" $15 million or so.
Isn't that so nice of all these people?

…Speaking of money and the Chinese, that country now has 960,000 millionaires. Really?

…35 million Americans suffer from mold and pollen allergies. I am one of them.

…I like these things on the weekend:

"Pretending not to love you was the hardest thing I've ever done." Ezra

"I prefer a thief who knows he is a thief." Maree Scarlett

"The Swedish word for crying and masturbating simultaneously is gråtrunka." Kirsty Logan

"We must take the risk of creating ourselves and get to know and like ourselves--this strange and wonderful creature."

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