Thursday, April 19, 2012


…Here are some interesting and albeit, random, things I recently read about:

-A toy grenade was to blame for an evacuation at a building near Ground Zero. The bomb squad was called in to investigate. The gag-style gift was mounted on a plaque that said, “Complaint department: Take a number.”

-A man was arrested after his son brought dozens of heroin bags to school for Show N Tell.

-The most recent Census date, from 2010, finds that about 43% of mothers with children under 18 and under were stay at home moms.
(I don’t take political stances here, but I’ll go on the record as saying I’m a democrat. I do so, because I find the comments below asinine. As a parent, I understand and appreciate the sacrifices it takes to raise children.)
Yet Ann Romney’s decision to stay at home with her five (5) sons—cited by a Democratic strategist who said she “actually never worked a day in her life” sparked Romney to retort: “Believe me, it was hard work.”

-61% of the lower 48 states are “abnormally dry” or in drought conditions.

-The average cost of a night at the high school prom is $1,078. (and, according to Seth Meyer, from Saturday Night Live, that doesn’t even include the cost of raising the baby.

-65% of all people think that Social Security will be the major source of their income in retirement. (Really? How far is a few hundred dollars a month going to take you?)

-Crushes, by the Numbers (According to Mens Health):
69 –Percentage of guys whose first crush was on one of their classmates
18 --Percentage who owned a Britney Spears poster in their youth
1 in 2 –Number who suffered through their puppy love in silence (that was always me.)
75 --Percentage of men who tend to fall for their female friends
75 --Percentage who’ve friended a former crush on Facebook
10 --Percentage who have a thing for a current Words with Friends opponent (this is not me.)
10 --Percentage of men who say Mila Kunis is their biggest celebrity crush (mine is the other MK, Minka Kelly)
1 --Number of months the average guy carries a torch before giving up.
18 --Percentage of men who say they’ll carry their torches until they die
7 --Percentage who crushed on their teacher
Ryan Reynolds --Average guy’s biggest guy crush

-And lastly, they came out with a listing of the worst jobs you can have. Here are the top five:
#5. –Newspaper reporter (you’ve got to be kidding me.)
#4. –Oil rig worker (makes sense.)
#3. –Enlisted military soldier (definitely makes sense and should probably be #1.)
#2. –Dairy Farmer
#1. --Lumberjack

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