Saturday, December 18, 2010

…I have a new poem, "AZ" up at Dark Chaos and also here under "Words In Print."

…Sometimes I wonder if I produce too much writing. For me, it's like when someone's water pipes have burst and they're left wading through a maw of floating paper and ink. I have over 550 stories and/or poems written, with only half of that published and at least a hundred pieces just sitting around waiting to be sopped up by a broken water mane. Sure, it's a good problem to have versus writer's block, but it can get a little overwhelming at times.

…The last three days have been good though. I've had nine pieces accepted. It still never gets old. It's like having your kid say, "I love you." They could tell you that a billion times and each one would pluck you right in the heart.

…My daugher and I saw, "The Fighter" yesterday. I give it an A-. Christian Bale is a marvel. He's so thin in this, not quite as emaciated as in "The Machinist," but close. And he's wiry and manic and just brilliant. Mark Walberg is terrific, and cute Amy Adams is just too adorable. The mom and sisters in the film hit a little close to home for me. You should see this film. It will win Oscars. I guarantee it. And at a few different junctures in the movie you'll want to jump out of your seat and cheer. (How often does cinema do that anymore?)

…Here are some random, good bits culled from "Field Guide to Flash Fiction," edited by the fabulous Tara Masih:

…"Hold infinity in the palm of your hand." William Blake
…"Finding a good flash is like sighting a comet, all the more glorious for it being rare." Shappard and Thomas
…"Flash fiction is fiercely condensed, almost like a lyric poem; it explodes itself to a single, overpowering incident; it bears symbolic weight." John Redfern
…"Everybody seems to be writing this sort of yarn, for it appears to be the easiest form of fictional composition….In reality, the short-short is one of the most didfficult forms…because it must embody all the technique and consummate skill required in short-story construction and 'then some'. It requires tremendoujs--and skillful--condensation and repression. It must contain all the inherent drama in short-story forms…But its techinque can be mastered if you understand…its fundamental requirements." Robert Oberfirst
…"Stories condense time." Tara Masih

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