Monday, March 12, 2018


…Here’s a poem I had published a while back:

…Who’s that guy?  I think l he looks familiar and I think he has a book of poetry out.  He told me to tell you he misses you.

…The past isn’t as far away as we think.  Even vines cling for their lives.

…I might as well spend money on wine instead of new books.  Might as well pour wine all over these books.  I might as well stop dreaming of heaven and have another glass of wine.  Tell me why not.  Explain in great detail, and I will listen intensively.

…Otters have a lot to say, if you listen.  One keeps reminding me that I’m still young enough.

…Dawn is here again, and somehow that is significant.  Dawn is here again, and I still hear you.

…People pay attention when someone is really angry.  It’s a wonder, then, why people aren’t raging all the time.

…I’m in the pack, but I’m still all alone.

…Sometimes when my face is wet with tears, that’s my best feature because it’s who I really am.

…I knew it would be embarrassing to write all this on here for you to see me with all my rickety bones and hairy back.  But I thought you might be able to stand the sight of me, that, in some respect, you perhaps could relate, identify with a flawed being.  And by the way, I’m not really talking about hairy backs here.

…I said it before and I’ll say it again, it was all my fault.

…The heartbeat of this story lies in the next sentence.

…Sometimes I dream I’m happy, but that’s usually after having drunk a lot of wine.

…Or you could bring some wine over, and some fragrant flowers, because the bars are closed.  Even if you bang on the doors all day, the rain is still beautiful for about five minutes before it’s annoying.

…We can never be sure of enough.

…Love always wants to put a smile on the face of the other.

…When you see love on display it pretty much trumps everything.

…Really, we are all just God’s poetry going about our everyday lives.

…What you mean it ain’t working?  What you mean you ain’t finding yourself?

…Twistin’ me up like licorice isn’t the nicest way to handle things.

…Often, I say I’m off it, and I offer my crossed sympathy.

…Don’t call me stupid.  That ain’t no way my name pronounced.

…It’s funny how things can change, how the ebb and flow will take you under and that’s just what you want it to do.

…You are only young once, but you can remain immature indefinitely if you choose to.

…I pray for you that you never have to sit in a doctor’s waiting room, or that if, God forbid, you have to, that you have some great reading material at hand, as well as some kind of serious faith.

…If I don’t get what I want one day, I simply wait a day or two and ask again.  You never know.  Maybe today will be different.

…You don’t need to tell me.  Of course, I remember: I’m not supposed to take things so seriously.

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