Wednesday, July 26, 2017


…I went to YouTube to listen to The War On Drugs and this was in my queue:

…and then this:

…I like this (if you’re following that’s the fourth “this” I’ve used):
Us, Over Time, Passing By

As time elapses we will grow older and we will grow wiser. We will fall in and out of love. We will destroy each other only to build each other back up again. We won’t even notice we’re changing until it’s already happened, because change is just the act of becoming. We see it happen so naturally every day. The sun sets, the night rolls in, the stars start to shine and the moon glows. When morning comes the dawn will creep in and embrace the night, allowing the day to break and the sun to rise again. We will continue to change, tethered to time and influenced by everything around us. The relationships we search for and the ones that search us out. The relationships we thought could never be and the ones that we could never live without. They’re all on their way to becoming something else, never static, always moving.  Because time is the biggest player in the game, and it is why everything is changing. If you try to picture every moment in a relationship all at once, then that right there would be us, over time, passing by. Changing, folding, becoming something else.  --James R. Eads
…and lastly I like these…

“We always feel younger than we are.  I carry within me my earlier faces, as a tree contains its rings.  The mirror sees only my current face, while I know all the previous ones.” Tomas Transtromer
"I hope to arrive to my death, late, in love, and a little drunk."  Atticus

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