Monday, July 3, 2017


It’s Not Too Late

It’s not too late
The moon and the clouds and
The bees have told me this
Time and time again
Swirling heady and drunk
Amongst the bright pink buds
And floral mist
Yesterday a baby took its first breath
With heavy-hooded eyes and yet
There was joy all around
It’s a crocked child
But it’s ours
Thank God
Yesterday a couple held
Hands making bold promises
With no thoughts at all of a pre-nup
Believing that love can
Fulfill its promise
Oh and just yesterday a
Zebra barely escaped
The fierce flight of a lion
A heron stood proud
In a pool without knowing it
And a hippopotamus snorted out Nile water
In a raucous plume
Life has an undertow
A way about it
As most things do
Stuffed with complex riddles
Of course
And foibles a plenty
But if I know anything at all
I know that it’s not too late
To find a field of clover
Lay down in it
Tilt my head toward
The shaggy clouds
And wait for you
To arrive


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