Wednesday, June 14, 2017


…I have a nice mention in the fifth paragraph of this interview with David Galef.  I’m also featured in his book, BREVITY and will be doing a panel with him and two others at next year’s AWP:

…This book is coming out on September 8th.  It’s always a big deal in my world, and this year I’m actually in it.  Yay.

The Best Small Fictions 2017 Guest Edited by Amy Hempel Series Editor Tara L. Masih

The Best Small Fictions 2017 offers readers 55 exceptional small fictions by 53 authors. This acclaimed new annual series, hailed as a “milestone for the short story,” continues to honor contemporary masters and emerging writers of short-short and hybrid forms from across the globe. Guest editor Amy Hempel chose the winners from a pool of 105 finalists: “They conjure and seduce, they startle and haunt, they are funny and searing, short and shorter.” The 2017 volume includes Pamela Painter, Brian Doyle, Ian Seed, Frankie McMillan, Karen Brennan, Stuart Dybek, and W. Todd Kaneko, and spotlights Joy Williams and SmokeLong Quarterly.

  “I believe The Best Small Fictions . . . is an extraordinarily important literary event.” —Robert Olen Butler

“The Best Small Fictions . . . could be at the forefront of a burgeoning cultural movement.”  —The Newtown Review of Books

“It will be well worth your while to spend a minute or 60 with some of the brightest concise writing available today.” —NewPages

“The Best Small Fictions has its finger on the pulse . . . each little gem contains a universe, teeth bared. Explore them at your own risk.” —Prick of the Spindle

“In this extraordinary collection of small fictions . . . readers are gifted with stories that slap wings onto their backs or drop anchors into their hearts, oftentimes both.” —The Small Press Book Review

“Super-short stories . . . have exploded in popularity. Where should newbies start? With Best Small Fictions . . . [r]eaders will be introduced to a wealth of fresh and existing talent. . . . Discover some haunting voices for yourself this fall.”  —BookTrib

Featuring small fictions by
Nick Admussen ~ Nick Almeida ~ Lydia Armstrong ~ Matthew Baker Amy Sayre Baptista ~ Karen Brennan ~ Larry Brown ~ Randall Brown Erin Calabria ~ Marci Calabretta Cancio-Bello ~ Carrie Cooperider Emily Corwin ~ Christopher DeWan ~ Brian Doyle ~ Stuart Dybek Kathy Fish ~ Sherrie Flick ~ Scott Garson ~ Jesse Goolsby Michael Hammerle ~ Hannah Harlow ~ Allegra Hyde ~ W. Todd Kaneko Joy Katz ~ Jen Knox ~ Len Kuntz ~ Tara Laskowski ~ Oscar Mancinas Ras Mashramani ~ Frankie McMillan ~ Heather McQuillan ~ Cole Meyer Eugenie Montague ~ Pamela Painter ~ Alvin Park ~ Kimberly King Parsons Gen Del Raye ~ Mona Leigh Rose ~ Na’amen Gobert Tilahun Cameron Quincy Todd ~ Matt Sailor ~ Rebecca Schiff ~ Robert Scotellaro Ian Seed ~ Alex Simand ~ Julia Slavin ~ Michael C. Smith Phillip Sterling ~ Anne Valente ~ Harriot West ~ Joy Williams Keith Woodruff ~ William Woolfitt

…This is a little quiet at the beginning, but stick with it to the end.  It made me laugh:

…This is a little long, but it’s God talking about receiving the Nobel Prize for Literature:

 …This is a very long, but very touching story about adorable Chika:

…And lastly, here are a few things I like in the middle of the week:

-“You have changed the way I think about love.” Jack, “This Is Us”

-“You have all these things in life that are really fickle, but in the end it’s really about the relationships we have.” Bear Grylls

-“Remember, we only really start living when we do whatever we can to help other people live a better life.” Bear Grylls

-“One friend with whom you have things in common is better than three friends with whom you struggle to find things to talk about.” Mindy Kaling

“I haven’t given much thought to regrets.  When I get through living, I may go it then.” John Haws, 102 years old



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