Saturday, June 17, 2017



…I’m headed down south to Portland early tomorrow morning, back Wednesday, so thought I’d post now.

…The day before yesterday I got an email offering me discounted belly dancing lessons and today an email came through with the header: Awesome Wood DIY.  Made me laugh.  I don’t really need any help giving myself awesome wood.

…As I write this there’s someone swimming the length of the lake.  Brave soul.

A little farther down, there’s a stream of thirty geese floating away because I just yelled at them after they were destroying the lawn next door.

…The downside to running long is it sucks the life out of you and there’s scant creative energy to muster.  But don’t most good things have a downside?

On a related note, I definitely have the ugliest toes on the planet.  We’re talking Neanderthal feet and toes.

…My boy has a new song out and I don’t think I like it much:

…What I do like is So You Think You Can Dance, which is literally poetry set to motion.  I wish more people watched it.

Here are my two faves from the recent episode:

(This guy was on all kinds of violin scholarships we he discovered dance and gave up everything for his love of it)

(These two are from Russia.  Never seen anything quite like them.)

…So Happy Father’s Day if you are one or have one.  I hope you have a great day reveling in love.  I’ll be reveling in a little mischief, not a lot but hopefully some.


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